Using Simulation for Testing and Continuous Integration

Posted on May 20, 2019 in software

Developing software for a complex embedded system is hard. Tracking down a single bug in such a system can often take hours. Even worse, "fixing" a bug in one of these systems often uncovers another bug. It is a vicious cycle that embedded software developers unfortunately know all too well. Time spent resolving these issues during the development of a new product is costly. Many projects fail as a result of brittle and inadequately tested software. Many more succeed, but only after pouring a tremendous amount of money and resources into solving these issues. Fortunately, there are free and open-source tools that can be used to help avoid these problems. This blog post shows the test driven approach used during the development of Bobble-Bot's embedded software. Read more to see how we are able to use this approach to avoid common pitfalls in embedded software development and to achieve responsive balance control.


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